Justice for Peter Wlasiuk 

 noting that there were no direct witnesses to the alleged murder.
Broome County Judge Martin E. Smith
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A Picture Says A Thousand Words In This Case This Picture Says Two, ?Not Guilty? Always ready to put my money where my mouth is, always willing to substantiate any and all claims. I have been thinking long and hard about one of the key factors in this case that bothers me and substantiates not only the defenses claims but mine as well that there is no way peter could have done what the prosecution has claimed such as run Patty down, tackle her, wrestle with her on the ground and smother her. I remember reading in the transcripts where one forensic pathologist for the state claimed that it was his belief and theory that Peter may have sat on Patty extinguishing the life out of her. I believe he referred to it as burkeing. The severe problem that I have with this is that fact that when Patty's body was recovered and autopsied as part of that autopsy they did what is called a micro analysis of her clothes looking for trace evidences. In reading what the state police laboratories came up with as well as looking at the actual photos of her clothes as they appeared on April 3, 2002, I am bothered by the fact that Patty?s shoes are pristine white and not a single article of her clothing has a mud or grass stain on it, has no tearing or has been stressed, no matter how much any of us doesn?t know about the law or science we all have our god given common sense. I challenge anybody to look at this photo, mind you this is the very same area where the prosecution says patty died. After being ran down and tackled, this photo was taken two days after Patty?s passing by the police themselves, how could any of this have happened and yet she has not even a single microscopic piece of mud on her or grass stains, we all know what happens when you fall In the wet grass and mud, I don?t think there is any one us that hasn?t slipped down a hill and gotten them awful grass and mud stains on us, if it wasn?t for those types of stains I guess tide and wisk would be out of business, so like I said I challenge anyone to look at this photo and explain to me how somebody supposedly could be thrown down in a violent manner in this terrain and have nothing on them. ----- Randi J. Case
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