Justice for Peter Wlasiuk 

 noting that there were no direct witnesses to the alleged murder.
Broome County Judge Martin E. Smith
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A top forensic doctor named, Dr. Sikirica testified at two of Peter’s trials and each time he has said this is not a homicide and it was an accidental drowning.  He believes Peter is innocent.

This top forensic doctor usually testifies for the prosecutor side and not for the defendants side. However he looked at the medical facts of this case and said clearly that Peter is innocent. 

This man did all everything for this probono. He never charged anyone a dime. He knows Peter is innocent and can back his reasoning up.

Peter Wlasiuk has been trying to seek help in proving his innocence for 11 years now. He was given 25 years to life for the murder of his wife that he did not commit. 

He has had three trials and unfortunately they all took place each time in Chenango county where everyone knows of the case and has formed a negative opinion so the man never gets a fair trial. 

 Peter has repeatedly put in motions to have a change of venue and take this case to a court away from this county. 

Each time it is denied. 

Peter needs a motion for a change of venue to not be denied. The case needs to be heard else where. Please help. Thank you

We are at present trying to get as much information and evidence uploaded to this website.

Please read the case with an open mind.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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